Poem – A Brief Overview of My Twitter Feed at 3 AM

A (hopefully) funny poem about scrolling social media late at night.

Hey everyone, welcome back.

So, I still haven’t exactly decided how often I plan on posting here, especially since my job hunt has yet to bring in anything stable. However, I figure this would be a fun post since it’s not related to any big projects which are in the works and it might be worth at least a laugh. So, enjoy!

The most down bad mother-fucker commenting 

on a picture of Twitch streamer Pokimane.

A twenty-tweet-long thread about an obscure 

JRPG that I will probably not play for another three years.

The best fan art I have ever seen from an account

I didn’t know existed.

A news story about the latest celebrity 

outing themselves as a terrible person.

In case I need to clarify, yes this is about Kanye,

and no he does not get a pass for making a few good albums. 

The worst take I have ever seen from an account

I, unfortunately, knew existed.

An elated review from a Twitter mutual 

of the newest punk core progressive horror rock

album from the up-and-coming band standing in gravestones.

Did I completely make that up? You’ll never find out. 

A poem so single-handedly beautiful that it makes 

waking up tomorrow worth it.

The same viral meme of Sonic the Hedgehog

telling me to never trust how I feel about my life past 9 PM,

despite the fact that I have already reconsidered every one 

of my existing relationships. Twice. 

A recommended tweet from some blue checkmark

D.C. journalist trying to make sense of the newest Republican policy,

The only purpose of which is to make the lives of trans people worse.  

Another piece of fan art that now has me questioning

which one is actually the best.

A slightly shorter thread from someone I went to high school with,

apparently stuck in a new york apartment building, alone, trying

their best to fall asleep without some sort of medication.

The same shit I posted yesterday about not opening Twitter 

past midnight, because social media is often a slot machine,

every pull of the lever taking a piece of your mental health

until you are so anxious that every sentence ends with a question,

or an asterisk noting the opposite. 


By Jack Scheibelein

They/Them. Anime/writing blogger and future author. Contributor to a number of other blogs. Sometimes vibing, most of the time procrastinating. Introverted, but would love to talk to more people!

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