February Writing Update

Talking about my plans for February.

Welcome back, everyone.

It feels weird that a whole month of this year has already gone by already, like the whole month was pretty uneventful. Granted, that likely has to do with how much of the month was just spent looking for a job, and how much of that time was spent in my house, and how much of that time was spent playing video games…is it obvious I don’t get out of the house much?

Well, new month, new me, as I am sure someone out there says, and with it, some new goals and plans. First off, it has been a hot minute since working on anything poetry related for me. Between my mini-vacation after graduation and putting my energy into looking for employment, there just has not been anything in the way of productivity on that end. So, my hope is to continue both on some more one off poems, but also on my chapbook which I started planning out last year.

Second, I also hope to start again on a couple different novel ideas I was playing around with, one from right after I got out of high school and another from last year. The former is a fantasy series about a group people who are believed to have the power to reverse time, and thus, potentially grant effectively immortality. The latter, meanwhile, is a contemporary fiction piece about a person on the verge of homelessness. Although, that one also is significantly less developed and may end up as just a short story.

In the past, I often blamed my lack of progress on these fronts on natural laziness, but considering the stuff I regularly put out, that feels like a convenient lie. Rather, it probably has much more to do with my lack of planning. Well, that and the amount of time I was putting into competitive games. However, now I am officially graduated and no longer competing on my colleges team, my motivation to practice, while not gone, is less immediately important. Thus, trying to focus that energy into my creative writing feels like a good decision.

Some of my blogging peers like to do big stats updates on their writing progress, and that does sound like a good way to focus in on my progress. Since I have written almost nothing, though, it would be a bit of waste to do it here. So, that will be a next time thing.


By Jack Scheibelein

They/Them. Anime/writing blogger and future author. Contributor to a number of other blogs. Sometimes vibing, most of the time procrastinating. Introverted, but would love to talk to more people!

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